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How can I read the channel types in my attribution data?
How can I read the channel types in my attribution data?

This article details the various channel types that you can see in your attribution data, and what each of them means.

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While you're analyzing your attribution data in Polar Analytics, either via the Channel Performance table or a Custom Report, you may notice a few channel types that don't correspond with any of your ad channels. This article details those channel types and what each of them mean.

Channel Types and Definitions:

  • "Undefined": When the channel is tagged as "undefined", this means that no source whatsoever was found for those specific conversions, and therefore they cannot be attributed to a specific channel. This can be caused by a poor UTM configuration, or the Polar Pixel not being correctly installed on each of your brand's checkout locations. In the case of an "undefined" channel, we default to Shopify's attribution where no referring source is found either.

  • "Not Set": The "Not Set" channel is not a field value we use for Polar Pixel; this value comes from Google Analytics attribution. This channel type can populate when you add GA metrics (such as Transactions) into your reporting. This article from Google provides more detail on what this value implies.

  • "-": If conversions are tagged with the channel name "-", these are completely untracked orders that likely happened before the Polar Pixel was installed. The reasons an order ID would not appear in the pixel data is because:

    • It happened before the Polar Pixel was installed.

    • You're analyzing orders from a store without the Polar Pixel installed.

    • You're analyzing a time frame where one store has the Polar Pixel & another does not

    • Some events were not tracked due to external factors

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