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Overview of Event Registration
Overview of Event Registration
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The Event Registration function is used for adding event registrations or event ticket sales to your Portalbuzz club website. This features also allows for payment by credit/debit card.
Important: To get started, ensure you have the Event Registration Admin role in Portalbuzz, then follow the steps below:
Note: Each step includes a link to a help article that walks you through each step.

1. Create an Event Registration - Easily create and manage event registrations so that members and non-members can register from your club website.

2. Add Attendee Registration Types - This allows you to immediately distinguish the registrants (whether member, non-member or guest) and personalize the rate and other details that will be available for the particular attendee.
3. Add Any Ticketed Items (Optional) - In addition to specifying a registration fee, you can also set a particular fee for other activities or items that will be available at the event. This may include selling tickets for a specific activity, price for the food during the event and other activities not covered in the base registration fee.
4. Add Any Discount Codes (Optional) - You can create different kinds of discounts for registrants. You can set a flat amount or a certain percentage based on the actual fee. If you want to give particular discounts for early registrants, there is also an option to set the start and end date of the discount code.
5. Configure Online Payment via Stripe - Registrants can only pay online using a credit/debit card, so this step is required.

6. Create Custom Email for Invoices - Easily create and update notification emails on invoices for event registrations. You can use the pre-populated system notification or if you have several events, you can configure the notification emails that will be sent to registrants.
7. Display Registration on Public Website - Easily create a registration page on your public website, add the event registration control and configure it so members and non-members can easily register for your event. TIP: You can add the page to your website menu so that users can easily navigate to the event registration page.
Note: When registrations are submitted, an invoice is created in the Billing area. Since the registration will be paid online, the invoice is created and paid at the same time.

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