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Creating events in Prism
Rentals: Non-Ticketed Rental Events
Rentals: Non-Ticketed Rental Events

Use Non-Ticketed Rental Events to manage rentals or private events.

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Use a Non-Ticketed Rental Event in Prism to create a rental agreement with the rental fee and all expenses listed. 

If your event involves ticketing with an Outside Promoter or Renter, check out our article on creating a ticketed rental deal.

Create a Rental Event on the Calendar

  1. Click on the calendar onto the date or dates that the event or hold will be scheduled for. 

  2. Click the 'Rental' toggle at the top of the hold builder "On," turning it purple. 

  3. Fill out the hold information:

Artist Name: If this is an event with an Artist(s) optionally add an Artist to the event. Add additional artists on the Talent tab of the event. Adding Artists to Rental events will allow you to search in reports for specific artists.

Event Name: Name of the event, this will show up at the top of the agreement (i.e. "O'Neil Wedding")
Renter Name: Enter the name of renter. This field will remember previous renters, select their name from the dropdown if they are already in Prism or start typing a name and click "Create New Contact" to add a new Renter.
Select or Create a contact: Optional field to either search or create a new contact. In the case of a rental this contact may be the same as the name in the 'Renter' field.
Choose Venue: A venue is required to create an event
Choose Stage: A stage is required to create an event
Create from Template: Option to select and pre-fill information from a pre-existing template into the event. More info on templates here

   4. Select Save.

Update Agreement Details in the Event

On the Rental tab of an Event, build out the rental agreement using the following steps:

  1. Select "Non-Ticketed" for "What type of event is this?"

  2. Choose either "Enter Flat Amount" or "Calculate From Costs" for the Rental Fee. Select "Calculate from Costs" to build out the Rental Fee based on costs on the costs tab. This option will allow you to itemize all the expenses that go into the rental on the agreement. Alternatively, if you are only charging one flat room fee and no other expenses are going to be added, select "Enter Flat Amount" and fill out the "Rental Fee" field above with the flat amount for the rental.

  3. Enter a Bar Minimum and Flat Deposit if applicable.

  4. Select "Edit Deal Terms" to input any deal terms text that should be included in the Agreement. Click Save.

  5. Click the purple "Save" button at the bottom of the Deal to save the details before navigating to other tabs in the event. 

  6. Note that you can update the Renter, if needed, in the 'Event Settings' through the three dot menu in the top right corner of the event page:

Add Costs

If you chose "Calculate from Costs" for your Rental Fee in step 2 above, update the expenses on the Costs tab. 

  1. To add a new Cost group, click the "Fixed Costs" section to expand it then click the New Cost Group button.

  2. Select a category for the expenses (Marketing, Production, Talent, General). These categories will group the cost line items on the agreement together and group expenses for reporting. 

  3. Add a Name for the cost line item (i.e.; Projector rental, Room Fee, Catering). Input a Quantity and Cost to produce the Offer budget. The Offer Budget number is what will appear on the Agreement. Use the green plus sign to add additional line items.

  4. To update existing costs from a template, remove any line items completely from the event by using the x next to the line item. If you would like to track the line item internally but do not want it to show up on the offer, turn off the "Reported" toggle so that it changes from purple to grey. 

To Generate the Agreement PDF

Return to the Rental tab. Next to the Save button, click "Preview Agreement" or "Download Agreement."

Finally, confirm the show if the date is already confirmed by clicking "Confirm" in the top right corner. Select the appropriate hold dates and click "Confirm Show."

If you have any questions, contact!

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