You can keep track of artist or production advance information for any event on the Advance tab. 

Add or modify any event's advancing information into the text box on the Advance tab by clicking the "Edit" button. 

Create an Advance Template

Create an Advance Template to standardize formatting and data entry, making advancing quick and simple.

Any administrator or user with the "View" and "Edit" permissions enable for Templates can create an Advance Template.

  1. Go to the icon with your initials in the bottom left corner and click 'Settings'.

  2. Click on the Templates tab and select Advance Templates.

  3. Click 'Add Template,' name your template, and update the text box with your advancing details. Click Save. 

Fill an Event's Advance from Template

In an event on the Advance tab, click the Edit button. Scroll down to the Additional Advance Information section and select Fill from Template. Select the template you would like to apply to the event and make any necessary updates to the text. 

On the Advance tab for your event, you can preview or download your advance by using the buttons pictured below.

The printable advance will pull in location, date, talent, run of show, and contacts from the event. If you have added Additional details into the Advance text box as described above, those details will be included on your printable advance. 

There is some customization available for which elements appear on an advance. Please reach out to to turn on or off any of the following sections on your advance document:

  • Estimated Attendance

  • Additional Dates (On-sale, pre-sale, announce)

  • Run of Show

  • Bar Minimum

  • Ticket Scaling

  • Show Summary (financials on the event like total gross, total expenses, net profit)

If you have any questions, contact!

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