Prism gives you the ability to make an exact duplicate of an existing event, 'cloning' all relevant event information like deal terms, ticket scaling, costs, contacts, etc.

This means you can quickly make a copy of an event for an artist that you work with often, quickly build recurring events or residencies, or create multiple offers with different deal types for the same artist.

How to Duplicate an Event

To duplicate an event, click on the three dot menu in the upper right hand corner of any event and navigate to the 'Duplicate Event' option in the dropdown menu.

Once selected, rename and save the duplicated event:

Once the duplicate event has been created, click the 'View Event' button at the bottom of the screen, pictured below:

Choose the date(s) for the duplicated event holds by clicking the date button underneath the title of the new event:

If the duplicated event cannot be found in the calendar, navigate to the event list and search for the event by name or keyword ensuring that 'Include MAD' and 'All' are selected in the filter:

Note that all details of an event will copy over to the duplicate except for event file(s) and additional dates (i.e. Announce, On Sale, and Pre Sale).

Duplicate Events vs. Saving as a Template

You may find yourself duplicating the same event often to reuse the event build. In that case, you may want to consider saving an event as a template. When you save an event as a template, it will save the event details in your settings as a template for you to easily access when creating new events.

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