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Add Artist Set Times to your Run of Show from the Deal Builder and adjust the visibility of RoS items on Prism documents.

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Add set times directly from the deal builder and choose which items from the Run of Show tab should appear on Prism documents!

Add Items to Run of Show Tab

The Run of Show tab provides a quick look at the details of all scheduled items for an event. Include internal Run of Show items like Staff Call times, Catering, etc. and external items like Door times, Set Times, and Curfew to get a view of the schedule for the day(s) of the event.

Add a new scheduled item by clicking the 'Create Run of Show item' button.

Add a Title to the Run of Show item and update any additional details necessary and click Save.

If the "Include in All Docs" or "All Docs?" toggle is on, the item will appear on external documents like Offers, Contracts, and Itineraries. If the "Include in All Docs" toggle is off, the item will only appear internally on an event's RoS and Advance tabs, the Prism Advance PDF. This new feature gives you more control over the visibility of individual RoS items.

How to: Offset

Items can now be "Offset" before or after the first day of any event to make for more flexible RoS scheduling, especially for times that are after midnight the night of the event.

If curfew, for example, is 12 a.m., which is technically the morning after the show, enter the number of days to offset the item (1 day, in this case), and select the 'After' radio button to show the items in the correct order by date/time.

Edit or Delete a Run of Show Item

An item can be edited or removed at any time from the RoS tab by clicking the pencil or 'x' icon. If you don't see these icons, scroll to the right of the page!

Import Run of Show from an Event Template

Note that Run of Show items may already be built into your Event Templates and added to the Event at creation. They can also be imported into the event by clicking the three dot menu at the top right corner of the event, hovering over Event Templates, clicking 'Apply Event Template', selecting a template, toggling on only the Run of Show section, and selecting Import. This will import only the Run of Show items from a template to the Event.

Add Artist Set Times from the Deal Builder

Artist Set Times can be added to an event's Run of Show directly from the deal builder. First, click the three dot menu next to the offer button and click edit, then scroll to the bottom of the deal builder and click the "Create Run of Show Item" button:

By default, anything added via the deal builder will appear on the Offer or Contract as "[Artist Name] - [Title]." "Include in All Docs" will be on by default which will make the item appear on all internal and external documents.

Best Practice: Add set times for Artists on an event in their respective talent deals. For example, build out the headliner set time on the headliner deal and the support artist set time on the support deal.

Print or Export Run of Show

All scheduled items will be visible internally and pulled into an event's Advance tab.

The full Run of Show will be included in the 'Event Details' of the Prism Advance PDF. To generate and print the Advance, click the "Download Advance" button on the Advance tab.

Run of show is also exportable as a CSV on the Run of Show tab.

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