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Filtering Products in Product Customizer
Filtering Products in Product Customizer
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Filtering the products you're shown in Product Customizer can be helpful to see how options are applied, see which products you need to add options to, or to use bulk actions on specific products. Filtering shows you only a selection of products that meet the filter criteria.

Product Customizer provides several filtering options so you can filter your product list as needed to see product details, add options, or remove options.

  • Has options will let you filter by:

    1. Products that have options added

    2. Products that have no options added

  • Customized with filters products based on which Product Customizer options have been added to the product. Enter the Option name to filter for products that have this option.

    You can also use this filter from the options list. Clicking on the "Usage" count will bring you to the "Customized with" view.

  • Product type lets you filter based on the Shopify product types you've created while editing / adding products.

  • Tagged with filters products based on the Shopify tags you've added.

Choosing any filtering option will give you a paginated list of only the products that meet your filtering criteria.

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