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Options Don't Show in My Order CSV Export
Options Don't Show in My Order CSV Export
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There are three options to include Product Customizer customizations in your Shopify order CSV export file, depending upon your specific needs.

Option 1: Product Customizer Order Notes

Although Shopify provides very little (read: zero) customization to the CSV order export, Product Customizer does have the ability to add an order note with the selected customizations. To enable this feature on your account, simply open a support ticket with us and our friendly team will get you set up.

One of the drawbacks to this approach is that Shopify only supports a single order note per order. This means that if your order contains two customized products, the customizations will all be grouped into the first line item row for the order. As an example, lets say your customer purchases the following customized products in a single order:

  1. T-Shirt with the customizations: Color: red, and Size: small

  2. Ring with the customization: Metal Type: silver

The CSV export file will include two rows for that order, one for each item, with the "Note Attributes" column for first row containing:

1 - T-Shirt: Color - red / Size - small
2 - Ring: Metal Type - silver

It's not ideal, but does get the job done for a lot of merchants.

Option 2: Use the Xporter App by eShop Admin

Another option if you require something more advanced is to use the app Xporter by eShop Admin, which will allow you to include Product Customizer customizations in the CSV exported by that app.

The app will allow you to create a customized export that fits whatever format your data is in. To export the data created by Product Customizer, you will need to look for a field called 'Properties' within each Line Item in an order. This is the field inside your order where the app properties are stored.

Option 3: Use the Better Reports app

Another advanced option which provides a lot of flexibility with the data available in the reports is the Better Reports app. Below is a gif of how you would create a report that includes specific 'Line Item Properties' (Product Customizer option data), along with the order number and product name:

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