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Option Types (New UI)
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Product Customizer allows you to add 11 basic types of customization options to your products:

  • Single Checkbox

  • Checkbox Groups

  • Radio Button(s)

  • Font Picker

  • Date Picker

  • Color Swatch Picker

  • Image Swatch

  • File Uploads

  • Text (Single line text box)

  • Text Area (Paragraph Text box)

  • Dropdown Menu

There are no limits on the number of customization options you can add. This document provides an overview of each option type, and you can read more about managing options in detail.

If there is another type of customization you would like to do that isn't supported, please let us know so we can see if it's a good fit for a new feature!

Cost per Option

Note that Product Customizer will not allow you to add costs for each option unless you use the premium tier of the app. If you do, you can add an optional fee for a text input, large text input, or file upload if the field has a value (e.g., if text has been entered). You can add fees for dropdowns, radios, and checkboxes for each option so different selections have different fees.

Color Swatch Picker Option

A dropdown option is shown on your product page as a select input. For example, if you created a 'Color' option for a product, and specified different colors as options, on the product page the customization will look similar to this:

Product Customizer allows for easier editing of options in comparison to Shopify variants since you don't have to create a new variant every time you want to add or remove a color.

Text (Single line) & Text Area (Paragraph) Input

A single-line text input will add a small text input box to your product page. The customer can use it to input a single line of text when adding a product to their cart. This is very useful when you would like to give the customer the option of adding an engraving, text for a gift note, or any special per-product item descriptions to the things they are buying.

On the other hand, the text area input will add a text area input box to your product page. The customer can use it to input multiple lines of text when adding a product to their cart. The customization will appear on the product page like this:

Personalization Message

Notice that the bottom-right corner of the text box is 'drag-able' so that you or customers can enlarge this box as needed.

This customization will show similar to the following:

File Upload

The file upload option allows the customer to upload a file to go along with the product. This could be an image, a document, or any other kind of file. It is especially useful for when you need to receive some extra design input from a customer, for example for a custom print job, a t-shirt prints, etc. The customization will appear on the product page like this:

Single Checkbox

A checkbox input will let you add a single checkbox to your product page. This is helpful for a "yes or no" type input, such as "Add gift wrapping? (+$5)". On the cart page, this will show as a checkmark if selected, and will be excluded from the cart if not checked.

Checkbox Group

A checkbox group will let you add a set of checkboxes to your product page. This is different from a dropdown or radio button option because customers can select multiple values for the field. For example, the customer can select 0, 1, 2, or 3 of the samples from the checkbox below:

Choose a plan:



You can set a minimum number of required selections for a checkbox group, and / or a maximum number of selections.

Radio Buttons

A radio button works similar to a dropdown: customers can only choose one option in the field. This option type is great for a customization option that only has a few choices so that customers can see all choices at once. This will show a list of options and let the customer select one:

Add to mailing list:

See how we put this all together on a product below:

Font Picker Option

The font picker option adds another layer of customizability as it enables the customer to select the font that they would like for their order. This will show a list of fonts for the customers to choose from

Date Picker Option

The date picker allows the customer to choose a specific date for their order. This could be used for delivery dates or pick up dates. It will show a calendar widget for the customer to select

Image Swatch Picker Option

The Image Swatch option type allows the merchant to add custom images that they would customers to choose from. It will show as a list of image options for the customer to choose from.

Dropdown Menu Option

The dropdown menu is used to provide a pre-defined list of variants for the customer to choose 1 from. This will show as a drop-down list

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via live chat or email. We are here to help!

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