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About Progressier, end-user privacy, GDPR, and cookie consent banners
About Progressier, end-user privacy, GDPR, and cookie consent banners

Find out more about Progressier's requirements regarding cookie banners, GDPR compliance and personal information

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How does Progressier work?

Progressier comes with a script that you must add to your app to augment it with functionality such as PWA installation, push notifications, and more. You're adding a third-party script to your app, so you may be wondering how it works regarding cookies and GDPR. Fair enough. This article answers these questions.

When is a cookie consent banner required?

A cookie consent banner is typically required when a website uses cookies to store information on a user's device. In most cases, a website must obtain the user's consent before storing cookies on their device. This requirement is based on privacy laws such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which require website operators to provide clear and concise information about their use of cookies and to obtain the user's consent for that use.

Does the Progressier script load third-party scripts?

When you add the Progressier script to your app, you only add Progressier. We don't load any third-party scripts or stylesheets. No Google Analytics. No libraries or frameworks. No third-party fonts. No tracking whatsoever.

Which cookies does Progressier use?

The Progressier script added to your app only uses strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are created after a user has allowed push notifications or installed your PWA โ€” actions explicitly requested by users. Strictly necessary cookies do not require showing a cookie consent prompt.

These cookies exist for the sole purpose of making the install and push functionality work properly. Here is a list of the cookies we set, their purpose, and why they're necessary:

  • installation cookie: when a user installs your app, a cookie is saved so that in their next session the UI is customized to show that the app is "already installed". Some platforms do not offer other ways to do this without cookies. Without this cookie, users would be prompted to install the app again after they've already installed it, degrading the overall experience.

  • randomized ID cookie: when a user installs your app, subscribes to push notifications or if you call our client-side API to connect your user data, we assign a randomized ID to this particular device (progressier_id) and save it as a cookie. This is necessary to avoid creating multiple database entries for the same subscription or device. Without this, there would be no way to prevent a user from receiving the same push notification multiple times.

  • anonymized local data copy cookie: we save an anonymized copy of the data sent to our server (e.g. the push subscription endpoint) locally in a cookie. This cookie allows us to make requests to our server only when there is new data (e.g. if a user who has allowed notifications now decides to block them). Not using that cookie would be worse for user privacy, as it would result in additional unnecessary server requests.

What personal information does Progressier process?

When a user allows push notifications or installs your app, we save the following data:

  • push subscription endpoint

  • date and time when push notifications were allowed (if applicable)

  • URL where push notifications were allowed (if applicable)

  • date and time when the app was installed (if applicable)

  • URL where the app was installed (if applicable)

  • country, operating system, browser vendor, and preferred user language

What we do NOT store:

By design, the data points that we use do not allow us to personally identify users. And we strive to stay away from the sensitive ones listed above.

Note that if you've opted in to use our client-side API for connecting your own user data, you may need to update your privacy policy to clearly tell your users what type of information you're sharing with Progressier.

If your app is built using Bubble, user emails may automatically be synced with Progressier, which may also require you to update your privacy policy. Alternatively, you can opt-out from this here.

Note that our Bubble integration only syncs emails so that you can send personalized push notifications to a specific user, which depending on your use case may also be considered strictly necessary.

Is Progressier GDPR-compliant?

By default, Progressier does not process any personally identifiable user data. Every data point we store is anonymous and strictly necessary.

However, if you choose to share your user personal information with us using our client-side API, you may need to update your privacy policy accordingly.

In that scenario, we, as a company, have taken measures to ensure our activity is in compliance with the EU GDPR:

  • You or your users may contact us to get a copy of any of their personal information stored in our database (which only exists if you've used our client-side API). We will respond to any request to access, rectify, erase, or restrict the processing of their personal data within 7 days.

  • We do not sell user data to any third parties and do not use it for any purposes whatsoever. The data you sync with Progressier is only used the way you intended. Simply put, that's your data, and you're responsible for it -- we don't make use of it at all.

  • When you delete user data in the Progressier dashboard, it actually gets deleted from our database. Unlike many services, it isn't just marked as deleted. This means that if you delete user data, it's really gone. We can't bring it back.

  • There's no cross-domain tracking or device fingerprinting whatsoever. And there never will be. Each app that uses Progressier is a separate instance in our database, and there is no data exchange possible between apps (or their users) at all.

  • The owner and data controller is the following:

    Scriby, Inc.
    651 N. Broad Street
    Suite 206
    Middletown, Delaware 19709, USA
  • Our privacy policy is available here: Note that it only applies to users of the Progressier website and dashboard. As mentioned above, the Progressier script does not use non-essential cookies.

Do I need to show a cookie consent banner in my app that uses Progressier?

Whether you need to show a cookie consent banner in your app or not depends on what you and your third-party scripts do.

Progressier itself does not require showing a cookie consent banner, as it only uses strictly necessary cookies.

However, please note that:

  • your other third parties may require a cookie consent banner

  • syncing personal information that is not strictly necessary using our client-side API is strongly discouraged. If you choose to do so, a cookie consent banner may be required.

Why does show a cookie consent banner?

The Progressier script to add to your app does not require a cookie consent banner because it doesn't use non-essential cookies and doesn't involve third parties that might.

However, our marketing site at and our dashboard at do. We use Google Analytics, Intercom, Stripe, and other third-party scripts that use cookies, hence our cookie consent banner.

You can see a list of our third parties in our privacy policy.

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