The video at the bottom of this article shows how the condition tool will work using the Bronze Package. If you are using the Silver Package, we have modified this particular workflow to account for your use of comparable sales. If you are using the Bronze Package, please disregard the below paragraph and skip straight to the video at the bottom.

In the Silver Package, it is better to compare your cosmetic issues with the comp's cosmetic issues. In the Silver Package, you have access to photos of the comparable sale that enable you to draw comparisons of your property to the property that sold. You can say things like "This comp's kitchen is nicer than my kitchen" and subsequently upload a photo of your kitchen to use in a side by side comparison with the photo of the comp's kitchen. For this reason, in the Silver Package, you will not see a "Cosmetic" tab in the Condition Tool, only a "Repair" tab. When comparing your property to recently sold properties, it is better to account for your cosmetic issues as they relate to each comp. We show you how to do this starting at minute 4 of our Silver Package full demo: In the Silver Package, you may still reference the video below for how to upload "Repair" issues for your property.

For reference here is an article about the difference between cosmetic and repair issues:

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