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How can I block short versions of a track from shipping to DJ stores like Beatport?
How can I block short versions of a track from shipping to DJ stores like Beatport?

Learn how to use the "Hide from DJ Stores" button!

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Sometimes it's a good idea to release a short, "fan friendly" version of a track. 

A short version is great for streaming platforms, but you may not want it going to DJ shops like Beatport! Luckily, Proton makes it easy to do this. :) Here's how!

Step by Step Guide

  1. Create one release inside Proton, like you would for a normal release.

  2. Upload both short and long versions to the same release.

  3. When uploading the long version, set the name of the mix to "Extended Mix".

  4. When uploading the short version, set the name of the mix to "Original Mix".

  5. On the short version, go to the "Details & Settings" tab and then look for the checkbox that says "Hide from  DJ Stores" -- click the box!

Clicking "Hide from DJ Stores" on the short version will prevent the short version from going to DJ Stores like Beatport, TraxSource, and Juno!

PRO TIP: Put your short versions 1st in your tracklist before the extended mix. This will help your release reach fans better on the streaming platforms and increase your chances of playlist support on Spotify.

Why are short versions good for streaming?

If your track is DJ friendly with a long intro or outro, then it might be a good idea to have a short version that's more accessible to casual fans. It will grab their attention faster, since you skip the long intro. This way, you'll have a better chance of getting added to playlists!

Should I still include the long versions for streaming, too?

Apple, Spotify, and other streaming platforms ask for all tracks on a release. Dedicated fans WANT to hear the long version, they may even prefer it! Plus, this helps increase your earnings: when a fan clicks play on your release, but leaves the release playing, then you earn an extra paid stream when they play the extended mix.

I need to hide the long version from going to Spotify & other streaming platforms. How can I do that?

We've got you covered! Check our "Hide from Streaming Stores" feature.


To our knowledge, Proton is the only electronic music distributor that makes it easy for music labels to hide short versions of songs from going to DJ shops like Beatport and prevent long versions of songs going to streaming platforms like Spotify.

At other distributors, you're forced to create 2 separate releases. But at Proton, you can do it easily just via 1 release!

If your electronic music label is not distributed by Proton yet, get in touch, so you can start using this feature too!

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