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Proton SoundSystem FAQ
Release Links by Proton
Long Versions for DJ Stores like Beatport, Short Versions for streaming.
Creating your 1st release in SoundSystem
Help! I made a mistake on my release.
Release Links: Where to find them!
A remix is not appearing on the remixer's artist profile on Spotify & Apple Music. How can I fix this problem?
Forget to add a track to your release?
How can I submit unsigned demos to Proton's labels?
Featured Artists on Tracks
How can I add a new artist profile to an existing user account?
Proton's DJ Mixes & Compilations
How can I get ISRCs for my tracks?
Artist Name Ordering on Tracks & Releases
Does Proton distribute to BandCamp?
How to choose the best digital distributor for your electronic music label: avoid these companies, or pay the price later.
Compound Artists & Collaborations
A streaming platform has flagged my music for fraudulent activity. What can I do?