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How can I change the price of my music on Beatport?
How can I change the price of my music on Beatport?
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Beatport controls the prices of music on their store. However, it's potentially possible to get their help making a change. Here's how it works!

Individual Track Prices

If your label is Beatport exclusive, then new tracks debut at $2.49 (or 2.49 Euros). After the exclusive period is over, the price drops to $1.69 (or 1.69 Euros).

At Beatport there is no way to control individual track prices except by changing the exclusivity of a release. If your new release is $2.49, you can ask Beatport to make your label non-exclusive -- and tracks will sell for $1.69 instead.

Proton doesn't recommend this, because it lowers your payout from Beatport by over 36%. In general, DJs shopping on Beatport aren't price sensitive for individual tracks. Here's our article explaining why we recommend Beatport Exclusives.

If you want to go non-exclusive at Beatport to lower your track prices, contact us.

Full Release Prices

  • NOTE: In Proton's experience, very few DJs on Beatport buy entire releases. An overwhelming majority simply buy individual tracks. Even if you lower the price of your release, it's likely not going to affect how many people buy your full album. On Beatport, DJs primarily shop individually by track, not entire releases.

If your release is out on Beatport and you're not happy with the *full album price*, then it may be possible to get Proton's help to *lower* the full album price.

Proton cannot make the price change ourselves, but we can apply for a price change request on your behalf. In our experience, Beatport only considers requests to lower prices for a release -- they have never honored a request to *raise* the price.

To request a price change on Beatport for your release, please follow these steps:

  • STEP 1 - Wait until your release is available on Beatport pre-order to see what the price will be, as sometimes Beatport will manually lower the price on albums and compilations automatically themselves. PRO TIP: Schedule your release for a pre-order date as far in advance as you can, then request the price change when the pre-order goes live.

  • STEP 2 - Look around on Beatport for a release that has a similar number of tracks and a similar price point that you want. Only submit a request if you can find an example on Beatport that has the price you want with a similar number of tracks. Feel free to use one of our examples, if you'd like!

  • STEP 3 - Lastly, email us with a link to *your release* as well as the *example release* that has the price you want. Proton will contact Beatport and ask them to change the price for you. Please note, Beatport has the final say - but we can certainly ask!

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