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Release Links by Proton
Release Links by Proton

Pre-order, pre-save, pre-add all in one: instant, free & automatically.

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Release Links

In the days leading up to or after a release, artists and music labels need a single URL they can share with fans where the music can be heard -- because platforms like Instagram and SoundCloud only support 1 link per post.

Before Release Links, labels and artists would need to spend time/money setting up a "link tree" with URLs to Beatport, Spotify, and other music platforms. Release Links makes this is free and automatic, with support for pre-order (downloads) & pre-saves (streams) -- and no editing is required after the release date!

Special/Exclusive Features with Release Links

All the artists on a release will be sent the Release Link on the pre-order date with a reminder to make social media posts, so the label doesn't have to send these reminders and URLs themselves!

When fans pre-save music they're given the opportunity to be notified with a mobile text message. This is not provided by most link tree/pre-save services and maximizes chances fans will actually listen on release day.

Artists and label managers can also opt to receive Release Links for their own releases by mobile message, helping insure URLs get shared quickly.

Label Managers are given access to stats/insights/analytics about activity on Release Links they've shared -- but also shared by the artists on the release.

This means Label Managers can see which artists are generated the most views on Release Links, and also which artists may not have posted yet -- and might need a gentle reminder. :)

No Username/Password Required for Fans

Proton’s Release Links do NOT require Streaming fans to authenticate a Spotify/Apple account in order to get a pre-save notification. Almost all link tree services require this, but it’s an annoying step Proton removed. Thankfully fans won’t be turned off by a request to share Spotify/Apple login details with Proton.

How does it work?

Release Links are generated automatically and entirely for free immediately after a music label schedules a release date for a new release.

Label Managers will be instantly taken to a Release Link after scheduling a release date. However, it's best to wait to start sharing Release Links until the pre-order date, because otherwise fans cannot pre-order the release on Beatport.

On the pre-order date, artists + label managers receive a Release Link via email or mobile message with a reminder to announce and share the new music.

On the release date, any fans who pre-saved the release will get a reminder as well, either by email or mobile message.

How can music labels start using Release Links?

Release Links are available now, free and automatically, for all music labels powered by Proton. After scheduling a new release, the Release Link is ready to go immediately!

I missed or lost the Release Link URL, help me find it?

Release Links are sent to you and artists automatically on the pre-order date, unless the label or artist have disabled notifications. But if you missed/lost the message or need to find/generate a Release Link URL quickly, here's how to solve that quickly & easily!

Can I turn off Release Links or Artist Notifications?

Yes! If you're not ready yet to use Release Links, or don't want artists to get notified, just head over to the notifications area and configure things how you'd like!

What else do I need to know?

At this time Proton only supports Beatport, Spotify, and Apple in Release Links.
We made this choice because these 3 platforms generate the most revenue for labels. Other platforms either pay less per stream or generate very little earnings.

Proton plans to add support for other download stores and streaming platforms if we find enough artists and labels are using Release Links. So get sharing!

My label is not with Proton yet, can we use Release Links?

If you’re a music label not powered by Proton yet, get in touch!

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