PULPO WMS can easily be connected to your existing printers. Just follow those steps:

  1. Install all (network) printers on one central computer or server.

  2. On that computer or server install the software QZ TRAY which you can download here.

  3. Make sure, the mobile devices running PULPO WMS Android App can connect to that computer or server, i.e. are in the same network.

  4. In PULPO WMS Android App perform a packing task until you reach this screen and press the printing button (1)

  5. This will open the following screen:

  6. Open https://demo.qz.io/. When klicking on Find All Printers (1) a pop-up should open that displays all printers available:

  7. Klick on Network Info. You should see an IPv4-address that starts with 192.168... Note: You might need to scroll down a bit to find that address.

  8. Write that IPv4 address into the field QZ IP address in the PULPO WMS Android App as displayed in step 5 and click CONNECT in the PULPO WMS Android App. Your PULPO WMS Android App is now connect to QZ TRAY and thereby also to your printer(s)

  9. Now you can select your printer (1) and print (2):

The label for the sales order you are packing will now be printed on the selected printer.

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