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A better way to search for Public Facebook Pages data
A better way to search for Public Facebook Pages data


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We've made some changes to the way you collect Public Facebook Pages data into your TRAC Topic searches. 

As of August 28th, if you want to collect Facebook data in your Topic searches, you will need to specify the topics for Facebook in a separate input field - at search set up as shown below.  If you’re familiar with our Url Keywords and Web Searches options, then you get the drift.

Why this change, you may ask? Well, the reason for this change is two-fold. 

Firstly, this is because of recent API changes announced by our data partner, which means Pulsar has to comply with these changes to continue collecting Public Facebook Pages data. 

Secondly, this also helps to reduce the Facebook historical data estimates discrepancies, which some of our clients have previously reported. So by inputting your Facebook keywords in a separate field, this means that Facebook historical data estimates, whilst still not 100% accurate, will now be better than before. 

For more on how Facebook historical estimates now work on Pulsar, please see here.

But there's more!  

As a bonus, we are also working on a nifty feature, which will allow you to copy across your terms in the search wizard; from Url keywords to Web searches to Facebook topics at the touch of a button! This will make setting up your searches much more efficient, so look out for this functionality within the next few months. 

What is the impact? 

We like to make things as easy as possible for our clients, so we are aiming to migrate your existing searches to this new structure. This means from August 28th, you will start to see your Facebook topics as a separate field in your search summary. 

For those searches where we are unable to migrate to the new form, (due to their complexity), clients who are collecting Facebook data in those Topic searches will be required to go and edit their searches and specify their Facebook keywords, in the new separate input field. You will only be allowed to input up to 10 groups of keywords, in OR or in AND, and no other operators will be supported. 

If any of your searches need to be manually updated, then your Account Manager will reach out to you separately. 

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