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You talked, we listened: New Features on TRAC & CORE!
You talked, we listened: New Features on TRAC & CORE!


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Our focus this quarter is Auto Reporting and Custom Dashboards, but that hasn't stopped us from sneaking in some small features and improvements here and there!ย 

These are 3 features that were suggested as ideas & feedback by users like yourself on our Collaborate portal.ย 

1. Topics & Keywords Emotions Wordcloud - TRAC

We've added an Emotions WordCloud to the Keywords and Topics sections: you can now see the Sentiment associated with your most recurring keywords, hashtags and topics and also see the Emotions associated with them! Easily toggle between Sentiment and Emotion as shown below, and click through to Results to see the verbatim that has been tagged with the particular Emotion.

In order to view this new chart, you will need to enable Emotions in your search during search setup. Alexa Play "Emotion" by the Bee Gees. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

2. Over-indexed & Under-indexed Keywords and Topics - TRAC

We've also added some over-indexing and under-indexing analysis to the Topics and Keywords Treemap graphs on TRAC. Higher-indexing words will show up in darker color, while under-indexing ones will show up in a lighter shade.ย 

This type of chart has been designed to help you understand the most common keywords, hashtags and topics, grouped by channel. The larger the tile, the more times that keyword or topic has appeared within that specific channel: with the addition of over/under indexing analysis, you can now tell how more popular a Topic or Keyword is with a particular channel in comparison to other channels where that same keyword or topic appears.ย 

If you're familiar with the Creative tab on CORE when you compare Profiles, this is pretty much the same logic!

3. Best & West Performing Posts - CORE

Lastly, due to popular demand, we've reverted the Content Best Performing and Worst Performing tab on CORE back to the previous design. ย 

We heard you loud and clear: while showing the Best and Worst performing pages during a time period regardless of published date could make sense for websites that are not publishing new content all the time, it was frustrating for other social channels, so we have reverted this graph back to its original view.ย 

This has now been updated for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram profiles. We will re-introduce the "regardless of publish date" view, but only as an optional way to look at the Content tab.ย 

The above features are available on TRAC and CORE immediately. Remember to turn on Emotion analysis at search setup to get the new Emotions WordCloud!ย 

And please consider helping us make Pulsar better through feedback or suggestions on our Collaborate channel.ย 

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