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On Cloud Nine! 9 New Improvements to Make Your Life Easier on Pulsar
On Cloud Nine! 9 New Improvements to Make Your Life Easier on Pulsar


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 We've been pretty busy in June, doing a bit of fixing and tweaking, and simply just optimizing your overall user experience to ensure that our products continue to be easy to use and intuitive. Below is a quick run down of 9 noteworthy improvements we've made, which you can take advantage of right away.

1. Better Labelling in Image Exports – TRAC & CORE

Now this was one of those weird Pulsar quirks where our image exports provided little or no information about the charts you exported...basic information like the chart description and title, and the date range the chart was based on 😶. We've changed this and we now provide you with the chart name and date range when you export your images. This functionality has been rolled out to both CORE and TRAC exports. And whilst we are on the topic of image exports, did you know you can also export to SVG on Pulsar? This works in Chrome, Firefox and Explorer (sorry, Safari users).

If you're unfamiliar with svg image files, those are more powerful than other file formats like JPG, GIF, and PNG – think of SVG as the Rolls Royce of image files, the file remains crisp and clear, at any resolution or size, and can be opened in most major browsers. 

2. Export Key Numbers – TRAC & CORE

Hands up if you've taken screenshots of the Key Numbers Circle Charts on TRAC and CORE 🙋. 

Well, you no longer have to: we now provide you with the option to download the Key Numbers to an image, as shown below.  

3. Export an Entire Comments Thread  – TRAC

Sometimes all you want to see is just the post and all related comments or retweets that have been left on that single post. There was no easy way to do this in TRAC Results that didn't involve fiddling and filtering. We've made this easy by adding an export button in the 3rd column in Results, so you can export the entire comments thread at the click of a button! 

4. Download Excel File From Results – TRAC

One recurring question from users has always been, where do you go to download an export after you click Export Results on TRAC? Valid question, and unless you are a regular Pulsar user, you've probably had to ping Support or your Account Manager for help in retrieving your results export. Well you no longer have to! From now on when your export is ready, we will provide you with a download link directly in the Results view. You'll find this in the left side panel when your export is complete. You will also still continue to receive an email notification that your export is ready.

5. Launch All Historics Option – TRAC

Imagine having to launch your historical orders one by one....tedious exercise! The Launch All option was previously greyed out if just one of the data sources previewed returned 0 results. We have reviewed this behaviour, meaning you no longer have to individually launch each historic request one by one, instead just hit Launch All in one go and you're done.

6.  Alexa Website Rank  – TRAC

This is a cool metric from Alexa Traffic Rank, also referred to as Global Rank, and is designed to be an estimate of a website's popularity based on daily traffic to that website. 

A website's rank is calculated from a combination of daily visitors and page views over a 3-month period. The Alexa Traffic Rank can be used to monitor the popularity trend of a website and to compare the popularity of different websites when looking at your Top Sites. It's also useful to understand why some posts have a high visibility score, as this metric feeds directly into our Visibility score. 

7. Review Ratings – TRAC

You can now get the rating left on a Review. If we have it, we'll display it! 

If you track and collect reviews on TRAC, you will find this new score in the Results view, where you can also sort your Reviews by rating. The Review rating element is based on the stars that a user left on a given review. The value we display on Pulsar is normalized on a scale of 0-100. So a rating of 2 out of 5 stars would produce a Review rating of 40. We normalize the score because different Review sites like Trip Advisor,, use a different rating scale, some are out of 5, some are out of 10. Therefore to serve as an easy way of comparing ratings from one site to another, we have normalised the scale.

8. Clone Archived Searches – TRAC

Last but not least, you can now clone your archived searches without having to un-archive them first.  Nothing more, nothing less, just hit the clone button in the list of archived searches and you're done!

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