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New on CORE: LinkedIn Analytics Are Now Available!
New on CORE: LinkedIn Analytics Are Now Available!


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Gifting season is upon us, so here are some good tidings for you: LinkedIn is now available as a channel you can plug-in on Pulsar CORE, linking you up with the largest online professional network!

Starting today, you can leverage the rich marketing insights from LinkedIn analytics to help measure your content performance and understand your professional audiences better. This latest addition makes CORE the go-to tool in the analytics space for measuring all your digital audiences in one place: social, web, and professional.

Here's what you'll find once you've plugged in: 

  • Consistency across channels: Comparing your performance across channels allows you to spot opportunities and areas of improvement, whether you're optimizing your content strategy or reporting on your work. How? By surfacing LinkedIn data in a way that is consistent with all the other social and web channels that you've already plugged in, digesting information and extracting insights is easy as pie. 

  • Consistency in navigation: As with the rest of CORE, you will find your LinkedIn audience information in the Audience tab, and your content's performance in the Content tab. 

  • Rich Demographics: The demographics data from LinkedIn is impressive - giving you a demographic breakdown by Industry, Job Function, Job Seniority, Company Size, Location and Devices Used.  

  • Followers vs. Visitors: We give you two ways to zoom in on your audience demographics: by company followers and by page visitors. The distinction here is important, as the people who follow your company are not necessarily the same people viewing your pages. 

  • See who views what exactly: On top of that, for your page visitors you can even filter by each of the pages that make up your company profile: Home, About, Life, Jobs, People, Ads - and see how the audience changes.

  • Organic vs. Paid Insights: If you're promoting content or pushing out ads on LinkedIn, this little nugget of information is vital for you. This is available from an Audience as well as a Content point of view. In the Audience tab, you can see your New Followers, split by organic and paid followers. Paid followers are those followers you've acquired through LinkedIn Ads or Sponsored Content. 

  • And whilst in the Content tab, you can see which posts are performing better organically versus those that aren't, and therefore make more-informed decisions on whether to promote said posts or not. 

  • Posts performance over time and its effect on page views: this view has a lot of information packed into it. For starters, you will see how well posts have done over a time period, like on any other channel on CORE. Here however, you will also be able to see which pages were visited by how many visitors - from which you can infer how certain posts contribute to spreading your content further and increase traffic to your various pages.

  • Historical Data: Can you handle any more good news? Yes? Well, your historical data is available going back for 12 months from the moment you plug in, except for the Audience Demographics tab. 

So, how do I get access? 

Great question! LinkedIn analytics is already available to all CORE users. You simply need to Plug-in your LinkedIn company profile and we'll immediately start collecting your LinkedIn analytics.

Steps to Plug-in your LinkedIn Company Page:

  1. Go to the Manage Brands & Profiles settings page on CORE.

  2. Navigate to any of your Owned Brands.

  3. You will find a button to "Plug in".

  4. Click on "Plug in" and then select "add LinkedIn".

  5. Complete the Linkedin Sign in and authentication process.

  6. Once complete, you will be redirected back to your CORE settings.

  7. On Pulsar, you will be asked to select the Linkedin Page you want to add.

  8. And also the Marketing Account used to promote that page.

  9. Select the relevant options and you're done!

Check out the GIF below for a step-by-step👇

One final note: Currently, the LinkedIn API doesn't give access to competitor organizations, therefore public or competitor tracking is not available as it is with X, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You can only get insights on your own company or for a company where you are a page Administrator.  

Ready to get started? Then go ahead and link-up your page! 

As usual share your thoughts and feedback via Collaborate, or reach out to us on our chat.

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