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TRAC: Adding an Instagram Token to your TRAC Search
TRAC: Adding an Instagram Token to your TRAC Search

This article will show you how to add an Instagram Token to your TRAC search.

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Learning Outcomes

  • You will know how to add an Instagram token to your TRAC search.

  • You will understand what permissions you need to have to validate your Instagram profile.

  • Understand the some important factors of adding Instagram to your TRAC search.

We understand that adding Instagram tokens can be a confusing process! So we've created this article to help you go through the steps necessary to add Instagram tokens to your searches and profiles!

  1. Firstly, create your search, select Instagram as a source, then click Wizard and click Save and Continue.

  2. You will then be taken through to the Topics section. Here is where you can add your token. Click on the blue Add Instagram Token button, this will redirect you to your Facebook page.

3. You then want to click into the Edit Settings button to allow Pulsar to gain access to all features:

4. Then, select the Instagram business profile you wish to connect, then click Next:

5. Then, select your Facebook business page you want Pulsar to gain access to, click Next:

6. Here, you want to make sure all the toggles say Yes. Don't worry, Pulsar will not access any of your private information or create posts for you! Once this has all been selected as Yes, click Done:

7. It will then say Pulsar has been linked to Facebook! Click OK.

8. That's it! You can now add in the hashtags you wish to track on Instagram in your TRAC search. You can also choose to track any tagged posts of the account by selecting the profile to track:

πŸ’‘ Top Tip: You don't need to add the # symbol in the Instagram Hashtags, as the platform will automatically collect the hashtags for you when data has been pulled in!

There are some important things to consider when adding an Instagram token to your search:

  • One business Instagram token allows you to track 30 hashtags.

  • Instagram data is available in realtime only. No historics can be pulled.

  • You'll need a Facebook Business Manager Account.

  • The Instagram profile you are trying to add a token from needs to be a Business Profile.

  • The Instagram profile needs to be linked to the Facebook Business Manager Account.

  • The Instagram profile needs to be linked to a Facebook Page attached to the Business Manager Account, and you will need to have admin rights to the Facebook page and the Instagram account.

You can find more information on how to manage your Meta Business Page Settings below:

We hope you enjoyed reading this article! πŸ“š

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via live chat. πŸš€

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