Welcome to the TRAC collection! This features articles, guides, and tutorials tailored to assist you in navigating TRAC. For documentation related to the old TRAC version, please refer to the Old TRAC collection.

TRAC 101: From Search Set Up to Analysis and ReportingThis guide will give you a walk through of how to navigate TRAC and its features to help you get started using the platform.

TRAC Walkthrough: General Listening

This assortment of articles focuses on the General Listening use case view within TRAC.

TRAC Walkthrough: PR & Comms

This assortment of articles focuses on the PR & Comms use case view within TRAC.

Creating & Managing your Searches

Delve into this collection of articles focused on helping you create and manage your TRAC searches with ease.

Metrics, Analysis & Graphs

Discover this curated collection of articles designed to help you with better understanding the metrics, analysis and graphs that you will see within TRAC.

Filtering TRAC Searches

This collection of articles discusses filtering and tagging your data within TRAC.