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RMM email sending IP addresses

Note: Security defaults for Microsoft accounts must be disabled to be able to use SMTP and IMAP. And if 2FA is enabled, then the app password must be generated and used in SMTP settings.

New letter distribution (based on the first letter for your Pulseway instance name [for Pulseway SaaS instances])

Please follow the same steps below if you are using Office 365 as your email provider and add IP addresses for RMM email sending servers.

PSA settings.

At first you will need to white-list the IP address ( for our email server so we can access your SMTP. 

If there is no connector configured, then new connector for the Pulseway PSA should be added with the following settings including IP address for our server. 

Note: It might take some time to propagate these settings.

Once it is done, then please configure the SMTP settings into the Pulseway PSA using the following configuration:

SMTP server name:
Port:                           587
Protocol:                    SSL

Also, please make sure that you haven't configured the mail flow rules which are blocking our emails.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at

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