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Patch Management for Custom Titles with Pulseway
Patch Management for Custom Titles with Pulseway
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Pulseway offers the capability to manage Custom Titles through its Patch Management module. This means that you can also any 3rd party application of your choice to the list of natively-supported 3d party applications managed by Pulseway Patch Management.

Step 1 - Hosting Custom Titles On Public Cloud Storage Providers

The first step is to create a direct download link to install the custom 3rd party application.

It is possible to store MSI files on public cloud providers and use them in the custom titles feature of 3rd party patching module. This guide will focus on Google Drive and Dropbox however other public cloud storage providers might work as well.

To convert a google drive file link into a direct download link we recommend that you use this 3rd party site: Google direct link generator.


1. Upload an MSI installer to Google Drive and copy it's download link, it will look like this:

2. Put this link in google direct link generator and click on the "Create Direct Link" button:

If the MSI file is stored on Dropbox, get the download link by opening the share file dialog:

Clicking on the Create link option will result in a generated URL as shown below:

This link ends with a “dl=0” – the last character, the zero (marked with the red arrow) should be changed to 1.

Step 2 - Configuring the Custom Title on Pulseway

Once a direct link is generated, you may use it to provision custom titles in the Pulseway WebApplication.

This can be done by selecting the section 'Custom Titles' and then clicking on the button 'New'. Once that is done, then you will need to specify the name for the Package and download link from where this MSI installer can be downloaded. Then you will need to specify which CPU architectures are supported by this package and provide installation arguments (such as silent installation) for the installer.

And in a last step you will need to accept 'End User License Agreement'.

Step 3 - Setting Patching Rules for the Custom Title on Pulseway

Once this is done, then this newly added application will be listed into the drop-down list of available applications for installation.

For more detailed information on how to create 3rd Party Patching rules, please check out the following article.

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