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Pulseway Cloud Backup pre-requirements
Pulseway Cloud Backup pre-requirements
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Note: this backup solution will work on Windows 8 and all newer OS systems and min requirement is PowerShell version 3.0 or higher. 

The initial full backup might take 3 to 6 days for 2TB it might take up to 14 days.

If Pulseway Cloud Backups are failing on monitored systems, then please verify the following:

1. Make sure that antivirus on monitored system is not blocking any of the actions for:


2. Backup agent will try to communicate on the following ports locally 1743 and 1745

WBPS.exe will try to open local channel between these two ports and communicate with adapter.exe. Please verify that antivirus is not a cause for this.

If all locally checks out, then the next step is to check network connections.

3. Make sure that connections to the following URL's are stable and not interrupted by Web Content filter or any UTM (whitelist all domain *

Also, if possible, then you might try to create a backup from the system which is not in your corporate network. If the backup from outside corporate network runs just fine, then the issue is in the network security systems. It could be as simple as poor wifi, or switching APs. Firewall QoS, AV.

4. Reboot system to see if this will allow backup to complete. It is possible that backup connections (sockets) are not created correctly.

If all this checks out and there are no visible issues, then:

In the PCBP folder (C:\PCBP) there is a master.ini file that can edited. Open this file in text editor and find line which says WBPS=0 and change it to WBPS=3. Restart the D2C Service  and then backup will be restarted with higher level of error logging. And then once a new logs are written in the folders listed below, then please send us the content of the following folders for further analysis to


After these logs are created please edit the master.ini file and set WBPS=0 and restart d2C Service.

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