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Pulseway Remote Control V2 - Troubleshooting info for Support
Pulseway Remote Control V2 - Troubleshooting info for Support
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If at any time you encounter a crash of the Pulseway Remote Control application, plesse provide the information below so we can help troubleshoot the issue -

(1) DMP Folder

On the host system (from which you're attempting to launch the Remote session),

please run Registry file in the link below -

Once done, create a folder in the C Drive called pwydumps , so we can gather the process dumps.

The next step would be to reproduce the issue. When the issue has been reproduced successfully, archive the pwydumps folder and share the same with Pulseway Support.

(2) Version Information

Next, on the same host system, please run the below two PowerShell commands in the Powershell prompt -


(Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem) | Select-Object OSArchitecture, Caption, Version


Get-ChildItem -Path 'C:\Program Files\Pulseway Remote Control\' | Select-Object -ExpandProperty VersionInfo

You will receive output like the below. Kindly share the screenshots with Pulseway Support.

(3) Remotecontrolagent file

Now, on the destination system (that you're trying to remote into), please obtain the remotecontrolagent file in this path - C:\Program Files\Pulseway. Please share the same with Pulseway Support.

To summarize, we require the following deliverables to troubleshoot Remote Control issues -

(1) Archived pwydumps folder on the Host System

(2) Screenshots of the two PowerShell scripts on the Host System

(3) remotecontrolagent file on the Destination System

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