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Pulseway Agent installation error (1001)
Pulseway Agent installation error (1001)

Pulseway agent manual re-installation

Written by Aiden Morris
Updated over a week ago


This article will help to reinstall the Pulseway Agent on Windows-based OS for the installation failure issues.

Please perform the manual uninstallation by following the procedure below.

1) Run the below commands in the command prompt as an Administrator to stop and delete the Pulseway service.

net stop "PC Monitor"
sc delete "PC Monitor"

2) Delete the Pulseway folder if it exists in the C:\Program files or in the Pulseway installation folder (it may require a reboot to delete).

3) Open the registry by using the Regedit command in the search tab or run window and check whether MMSOFT or Pulseway folder is present under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE . If the Pulseway or MMSOFT registry entry is found then please delete the entries (deleting the registry key for Pulseway, will delete all configuration for the agent)

4) After the uninstallation, Reboot the system.

5) Install the dot net framework latest one.

6) Download the latest Pulseway agent from, then install it with the command line and change the installation directory.

msiexec /i "C:\file-path\Pulseway.msi" /qb /L*V "C:\install.log"

In case the above doesn't work, please share the install.logs and the error screenshot to

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