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Remote control troubleshooting - Windows to Windows
Remote control troubleshooting - Windows to Windows
Written by Aiden Morris
Updated over a week ago

This article will help to gather information and logs for the Support team to troubleshoot Remote control issues between Windows systems.

Information needed

1) The OS version and architecture of the Source and Destination systems

2) Number of systems impacted. Does the issue affect one or multiple systems?

3) Short video recording demonstrating the issue.

4) What type of RD session is the issue observed on? Is it a Console session or a Private session

5) Logs required from the Source system

On the System that you are connecting from (Source System), run the following Powershell command to enable logging -

Set-ItemProperty -Path 'HKCU:\Software\MMSOFT Design\Pulseway\Remote Desktop' -Name LogLevel -Value "DEBUG" -Type String

Once done, reproduce the error. When the error is generated, share the remotecontrolclient.log file from the "C:\Users\login-username\AppData\Roaming\Pulseway Remote Control\" or installation directory of the Remote Control application" path.

6) Logs required from the Remote system

Provide trace and remotecontrolagent logs from the Remote/Destination system.

a) To get the trace log, please remote into the DESTINATION system, open the Pulseway Manager and enable the Diagnostic Logging under Settings>> Diagnostics>> Apply.

b) Exit the Pulseway Manager. Restart the Pulseway service.

c) Please reproduce the issue (Take the remote control of this system using Pulseway Remote Control and wait for 5 minutes.)

d) Once done, go to Pulseway's installation folder on the remote machine (C:\Programfiles\Pulseway) and search for trace.log and also for remotecontrolagent log and send them to us.

Send the above information with the logs to

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