The agent deployment fails
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If the Pulseway agent deployment fails then please check the following:

  1. Can you ping the remote system from the probe?

  2. Is the system which is marked as 'Probe' into the same subnet as the system on which you are planning to install the Pulseway agent(target system)? If the target system and the probe are on different subnets, then installation will fail. The probe an target system should be into the same subnet.

  3. Check if the admin share on the remote system is accessible please run this command from the elevated Terminal window and enter correct credentials:       \\ip-address\admin$

  4. Check whether the .Net Framework version 4.0 or higher is installed on the remote system.

Also, please make sure that you are using the correct Domain Administrator credentials (username and password).

But if this doesn't help, then enable the diagnostic logging on the agent (probe) from the Pulseway Manager -> Settings -> Diagnostics. And then send the deploy command once again and then look for the errors into the trace.log file. This file is located in the Pulseway's installation directory.

If you cant resolve this issue, then please send the trace.log file to the so we can investigate the issue.

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