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Send Pyns directly in Slack

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1- Approve the Pyn app for Slack for your workspace

Ask your Slack Workspace Administrator (usually someone within your IT department) to approve the Pyn app for Slack for your company.

Pyn can be found and installed from the Slack App directory.

2- Add the integration for Slack within Pyn

⚠️ You'll need to be a Pyn Administrator to complete these steps

  1. Sign into Pyn.

  2. Select Integrations and choose Slack.

  3. Click the "Add to Slack" button to initiate the connection process.

  4. Slack will ask for the permissions the Pyn app for Slack requires. This includes:

    • Permissions to match users in Pyn to Slack via email address

    • Permissions to send Pyns via direct message to people

    • Permissions to send Pyns via group or channel to people

  5. Click Allow.

After approving, you will be redirected back to the Pyn integrations page and receive a confirmation message in Slack from Pyn. Under the Integrations tab the Slack logo will become vibrant and clicking on the integration will return a The Integration is active message.

That's it! You're ready to use Slack.


Q: How can I re-authenticate the Slack connection?

A: In the top right hand corner of the Slack connection there is an ellipses "..." menu. Select this and choose the re-authenticate option. If you are not a Slack Admin you may need someone from your IT team to confirm the connection. Once this is re-authenticated use the Send test slack button to re-test the connection.

Q: Can I send a message to a Slack Channel?

A: Yes, you can send ad-hoc or campaign messages to a public Slack channel. Learn more πŸ”Ž Send to a Slack channel

Q: How do I choose a Slack sender?

A: At this time you are only able to select yourself or the PynBot as the sender. For security reasons each Admin will need to sign into Pyn and authenticate their Slack account.

Q: How can customize the Pyn Bot?

A: Currently you are only able to update the name of the Pyn Bot

  1. In Slack Web use the Configure Apps option on the left hand navigation panel.

  2. Select Pyn from the list of Apps.

  3. Under the Pyn Logo choose App Details.

  4. Navigate to the Configuration Tab + Scroll to the bottom and Bot User select the Edit option, update the App Name, and Save.

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