Why connect to your personal Slack account?

Pyn can send a Slack message on your behalf. This creates a more powerful experience for the recipient as it personalizes the message and increases engagement with the content.

Another plus is that the recipient can reply to you directly within Slack!

This is how a personalized message will appear for the recipient:

⚠️ Before you proceed, make sure your Slack Workspace is connected with Pyn. For instructions on how to connect Pyn to your company's Slack workspace, see Connect to Slack.

1 - Initiate the authentication flow

Select a message in Pyn from Drafts, Campaigns or Automations.

Click on the Sender to see the dropdown list and select your name next to the Slack logo.

This will start the authentication flow.

2 - Confirm the authentication

Your IT admin has already approved the connection between Pyn and Slack.

This authentication allows Pyn to post a Slack message on your behalf.

Note: Other people in your organization using Pyn cannot post to Slack as you. Pyn will only deliver a message by Slack on your behalf when you have selected that option as the message delivery method.

3 - Send helpful Pyns directly from you!

For any Pyn you want to come from you via Slack, click the Sender dropdown and select your name with the Slack logo in front.

You can test this by sending a Pyn to yourself via Slack.

Note: If you send a test Slack message to yourself, you will not get a notification. Open the chat to see the Pyn.

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