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Communicate to your organization about Pyn
Communicate to your organization about Pyn

Guidance on how to prep your company to start using Pyn

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An important step in the implementation process is taking time to think about and communicate the changes you are making. Below, we have compiled some resources to help create a smoother rollout process.

Think through process changes

As you are beginning to roll out Pyn, it can be helpful to take a step back to assess how you are currently managing your employee communications and how that will change.

How are your communications currently created?

  • Are there tools you currently use to send communications? You don't need to move all of your content into Pyn right away. We suggest you start by adding only the content you will need first. You can still link from Pyn to your wiki or other documents and then make a plan to migrate over the rest of your content as needed.

  • Do you generally collaborate on communications before they are sent? Create your content in Pyn and add Editors to all pieces of collaborative content.

Who sends employee communications?

  • Be sure to add your frequent senders of employee communications as Users or Admins in Pyn.

  • Use the communications roll-out template email below to let them know what Pyn is and how they can use it.

How are company communications coordinated within and between teams?

  • You can use the Campaigns feature to get an overview of planned communications to the company. Use this overview to coordinate the timing of these communications within and between teams, and move communications as needed.

Develop a communications roll-out plan

Part of a successful launch is taking the time to communicate to your organization why you are making a change and how this change will benefit both the employees and the organization.

πŸ“ To help you, we have created some template communications that you can adapt and use for your roll-out.

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