When your Pyns have been crafted and are ready to be launched there will be a 2-step process to ensure that both the Manager and the employee selected as a Buddy are getting the right information.

How it works

To use Buddy, you must enable a Pyn in the Pre-Onboarding Automation and a Pyn in the Selected as a Buddy Automation.

The Manager Pyn

The trigger date of this Pyn will be based on the New Hire’s start date, which is why it is included in the Pre-Onboarding Automation.

The Buddy Pyn

When a manager selects an employee to be a Buddy this will trigger the second Pyn. This can be found in the Selected As Buddy Automation. Information in this Pyn should include helpful tips about what is expected of being a Buddy.


Q: How can I customize Buddy Pyns to be more personal?

A: Check out our recommendations on how to Personalize your Buddy Pyns with Tokens

Q: What should I include in my onboarding Buddy program?

A: For what to think about as you build your onboarding buddy program, check out How to build an onboarding buddy program that doesn’t suck.

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