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Campaigns are messages sent based on calendar dates for company events

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Campaigns can consist of one or more Pyns and are ideal for events (like holidays or open enrollment) or for rolling out programs across your organization (like a new L&D program).

Another great example for Campaigns is to schedule communications about Performance Reviews. You can prepare and communicate with employees before, during, and after the Performance Review Cycle. You can also create targeted communications that only go to managers or to specific departments.

Campaigns also provide you with an overview of the communications planned for your organization as a whole.

💡 With Campaigns you can:
-Clone a campaign you've created
-View all of your campaign messages on a calendar (this helps understand if you have multiple Pyns going out on the same day)
-See all campaigns happening within a month (by clicking on a day in the calendar)
-Drag and drop messages to move them within the same month

Create a Campaign

  1. Select Campaigns

  2. Click on + to add a campaign

  3. Name your Campaign (Ex: Performance Reviews), add a short description, and choose a color to differentiate it from other campaigns.

  4. Click the Add button under your new campaign to add Pyns to this campaign. Learn more in the Format your Pyn and Time and schedule your Pyn articles.

  5. You can add and schedule as many Pyns within a Campaign as you need. If you are globally distributed the option to have a Pyn delivered to an employee in their timezone is available. If no update is made, this will default to be delivered in your company’s default timezone.

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