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Manage Sender Permissions

Learn how to grant others access to a Sender

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Pyn users can share with other users in their account. As an owner of a Sender, you’ll be able to add Collaborators to a Sender. You can also delegate ownership of a Sender, with the exception of a Gmail or Slack Sender.

How to Manage Permissions

Navigate to Settings in your left hand menu and select Senders. You can follow these instructions to add a new Sender to your account.

Once you’ve added the new Sender, you will be able to delegate access to others. To do so, select the [+] option under the Collaborators to add others. You’ll be able to choose from any other User or Admin in your account. If you’re updating permissions of an email sender, you can also change ownership to another User or Admin.

For Slack or Gmail Senders, ownership cannot be changed but you will be able to add Collaborators.

Once you’ve updated the permissions on the Senders screen, the Collaborator(s) will see the Sender in the Senders drop-down list when configuring a message.

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