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Configure Conditional Senders

Customize the sender of a message based on the recipient's demographics in automated messages

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For increased personalization, you can now customize the sender of a message based on the recipient's demographics in automated messages. For instance, you might want to send a universal welcome message to all employees, but have the sender appear as a different person or alias depending on the location.

⚠️ To set up a Conditional Sender, ensure you have access to a Sender and have completed the setup of Saved Recipient Filters.

How It’s Done

Follow the steps below to learn how to set up Conditional Senders:

  1. Log into Pyn.

  2. Select the Settings on the left navigation.

  3. Choose the Sender option then the Conditional Senders tab.

  4. Use the + Add new button.

  5. Add a Label to the conditional sender, make sure this is something you’re able to recognize.

  6. Use the + Add a rule to indicate who the recipient is. The list of recipients will only reflect Saved Recipient Filters at this time.

  7. Then identify the Sender.

  8. Add any additional Rules and Save.

Next Steps

Now that the Conditional Senders are set up, all the Conditional Senders in your organization will appear as options when you select the sender while customizing a message in automations.


Q: Can I set up conditional senders for Slack and Teams?

A: Yes! As long as you have been given access as a collaborator to a Slack Alias you will be able to set this up.

Q: Am I able to set up different delivery methods with Conditional Senders?

A: Yes. You can select the delivery method for each rule you set up.

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