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I'm connected to Pyramid but have no internet connection (Pyramid v1)

Connected in WiFi Settings but have no internet connection? Here's how to fix it!

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This support article is for Pyramid v1. If you're using Pyramid Pi, please see here instead.

Step 1. First of all, please check to make sure your wifi connection is working, Pyramid does not work without an internet connection.

Step 2. If your internet is working, please check that you're connected to a Pyramid server,, it should tell you that Pyramid is connected.

When connected to the Pyramid network, please slide the switch on the side of the Pyramid device, wait 20 seconds then visit

If the Google loads, your internet connection is fine but there is an issue with the server, please follow the following instructions to choose a different server:

1. Use the Pyramid app or go to

On the 'Select a Location' page
2. Scroll to the bottom of the country list
3. Choose ‘Back-up Server List’
4. Choose a server from the dropdown list
5. Click ‘Connect’

If after the troubleshooting steps you're still having issues, you can contact us at or reach out to us over on live chat 😃

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