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Can't connect to a server [Pyramid V1]

Having trouble connecting to one of our server locations, this can help...

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Using Pyramid Pi, this article is for Pyramid Pi. Get support for Pyramid Pi by clicking here.

Fix 1: Slide the Switch

Can you double-check if websites such as Google are loading ok when you are connected to Pyramid.

If not, can you slide the switch on the side to bring back the connection and you should then be able to connect to a server.

Fix 2: Are you still connected?

Double-check that you are still connected to Pyramid in WiFi Settings in case your connection has dropped.

Fix 3: Select a Back-Up Server

A back up server can be useful if your internet provider has a firewall that stops you from connecting:

  1. First open the Pyramid app or visit

  2. Choose ‘Select Location’

  3. Select ‘Back-up Servers’

  4. Choose a server from the dropdown list

  5. Click ‘Connect’

Fix 4: Try Stealth Mode

This fix is for networks with tricky firewalls or countries that are more restrictive such as China or UAE.

When you see the list of countries, tap on Stealth Mode and then choose a server to connect.

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