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How to connect Pyramid with my Setup Mag box or IPTV (Pyramid v1)
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This support article is for Pyramid v1. If you're using Pyramid Pi, please see here instead.

To connect MAG Box with a wired connection:Firstly, connect an ethernet cable from the LAN port on Pyramid to the LAN port on the back of Magbox.

  1. On MAG Box, go to Settings then System Settings.

  2. Tap on Network

  3. Tap Wired (Ethernet)

  4. Choose Auto (DHCP)

You should be all set 👍

To connect MAG Box with a WiFi connection:

Step-1 - Remove the from Pyramid network

  1. Connect to Pyramid in the wifi settings

  2. Open your browser and visit

  3. Once you log in, click on the Menu button (3-lines, top left-hand side)

  4. Click on Network Settings

  5. Click on Wifi Password/Name

  6. Click on Edit and remove

  7. Save

Step-2 - Pair Pyramid with MAG Box

  1. On MAG Box, go to Settings then System Settings.

  2. Tap on Network

  3. Tap Wireless (Wi-Fi)

  4. Choose Auto (DHCP)

  5. Choose your Pyramid network from the list

  6. Keep authentication mode unchanged at WPA2 PSK and Encryption as AES

  7. Enter your wifi password in the Key or passphrase field

  8. Tap ‘Ok’ to save

Having trouble accessing IPTV, try these steps: Important: An ISP (such as Sky, BT etc) cannot block content when you are connected to Pyramid VPN. We also recommend connecting to UK if you are in the UK. 

  • It may be worth contacting your IPTV provider to let them know you are using a VPN as some require registration of the VPN IP address as some providers block IP addresses to prevent log-in sharing. 

  • Make sure Pyramid is connected to VPN (the middle LED light is on). If it’s not head to on your phone and connect to a server

  • Open the browser on MAG Box to test that websites are loading. If they are not but they work fine on other Pyramid-connected devices please try the setup steps again.

Finally, If your MAG Box model supports WiFi but you are connecting with a cable, it may not choose your wired connection as default.

To make sure MAG Box defaults to your wired connection:
Go to Settings > System Settings > Network > Wireless (Wi-Fi) > Auto (DHCP) then turn of WiFi (typically by pressing the red F1 button on the remote).That’s all folks!

If you need any help, we’re available at or reach out to us over on live chat 😃

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