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Can I connect to a 5G (5Ghz) network?
Can I connect to a 5G (5Ghz) network?
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Are 5Ghz-only networks supported?

Current Pyramid models only support 2.4Ghz wireless bands, but can also support simultaneous dual-band networks

My router is 5Ghz/dual-band, will Pyramid work?

Yes, Pyramid will work just fine!

If you have a dual-band router with one network name such as Broadband-28S9 (this is called simultaneous dual-band) it can connect just fine. But if you have a router with two network names e.g 'Broadband-28S9 2.4Ghz' and 'Broadband-28S9 5Ghz' then only the 2.4Ghz network would be supported so choose that one!

It should never be the case that you have a broadband router that is 5Ghz-only, with no 2.4Ghz support as many popular devices - everything from smart doorbells to thermostats and cameras rely on the 2.4Ghz band. If you are struggling to find Pyramid in WiFi Settings it is unlikely to be related to the wireless band, although it could be an issue if your router is set to a high wireless channel (we recommend 12 or below).

But 5Ghz is faster, will support be added for it?

Support for 5Ghz bands is a hardware-limitation and will be added to new Pyramid models in the coming months, although support for this requires more advanced hardware so it will be available on more expensive models.

Also, on wireless VPN products wireless band is not the biggest impact on speed (it's processing power instead) so expect the speed difference to be negligible on real-world performance and 2.4Ghz also can provide better wireless range.

If you want a reminder when our new 5ghz-ready products are landing, pop us a message and we'll keep you in the loop!

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