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How do I know which server is best?
How do I know which server is best?

Tip for finding the best performing server...

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Picking the ideal server can result in stronger VPN performance and a more enjoyable streaming experience. Here are our top tips:

  • Closer the Better - For best speed and performance, select a server closest to your physical location generally - so if you are in England, for example, choose a UK Server. 🔥

  • For Streaming - For certain streaming services that can be tricky to unblock we also have a range of stream-optimised servers for top services including Netflix US, Prime US, Hulu, HBO and iPlayer. Just scroll down past the list of top countries and you'll find these servers.

  • Pick where you want to 'appear' - If you're looking to access a French streaming service or appear as though you are in France, you'll need to choose a French server.

  • Lighter the Load - You can also see how busy each of our servers are, so if choosing a UK server like in the image below you may want to choose a server with less load. Our latest UK servers are now called UK London, Manchester or Maidenhead or just United Kingdom - and the load should show in green under the server name.

If you have any performance concerns, feel free to pop us a message by tapping the chat button or emailing and our team will be happy to help!

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