Picking the ideal server can result in stronger VPN performance and a more enjoyable streaming experience. Here are our top tips:

  • Closer the Better - For best speed and performance, select a server closest to your physical location generally - so if you are in England, for example, choose a UK Server. 🔥

  • For Streaming - For certain streaming services that can be tricky to unblock we also have a range of stream-optimised servers for top services including Netflix US, Prime US, Hulu, HBO and iPlayer. Just scroll down past the list of top countries and you'll find these servers.

  • Pick where you want to 'appear' - If you're looking to access a French streaming service or appear as though you are in France, you'll need to choose a French server.

  • Lighter the Load - You can also see how busy each of our servers are, so if choosing a UK server like in the image below you may want to choose UK South 1 as it only has 15% load with half as many surfers vs UK-South (Movies and TV) and 32%

  • Classic Unblock - If you can't connect because you're on a tricky firewall (such as Corporate Office) or you are experiencing blocks on any server you try, select the 'Classic Servers' option at the bottom of the list. They are not quite as fast but can come in handy with getting around annoying blocks.

If you have any performance concerns, feel free to pop us a message by tapping the chat button or emailing help@pyramidwifi.com and our team will be happy to help!

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