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How to fix an IP Conflict?

If your router and Pyramid share the same LAN IP (e.g or with Pi) they won't play nicely together...

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If you have an IP clash (i.e your other router, such as Huawei/Movistar, and Pyramid both use the same LAN IP address - - then one of them has to change so you can access settings on either device.

Change LAN IP on your Router (Recommended)

Tip: Changing the LAN IP on Pyramid can cause issues accessing the Pyramid app or Pyramid Setup meaning you can only change settings via the updated IP e.g that's why we recommend updating your other router instead.

To do this:

  1. Connect to broadband router (Huawei, Movistar etc) then open your browser and visit, once you login, you can change the LAN IP address to so that it no longer conflicts with Pyramid.

Your router manufacturers manual/user guide should continue more guidance on how to do this as each router is different.

Change LAN IP on Pyramid (Less Recommended)

If you're using Pyramid v1 - visit in your browser tap 'Menu' (โ˜ฐ) then 'More Settings' then 'LAN IP'. Update the LAN IP, we'd recommend as it is similar and memorable and will avoid a conflict. Once you hit 'Apply' your connection may become unstable or disconnect for a few moments. After 30 seconds, reconnect and you should be all set!

Or with the New Pyramid App (for Pyramid Pi or Pyramid v1)

With the new Pyramid app (for Pyramid Pi or Pyramid v1), tap Settings > More Settings > LAN IP

Need some help? The quickest way is to tap Settings > Help & Feedback > Message Support from within the Pyramid app. Haven't got the latest app? Get it here.

Or, you can reach out on Whatsapp, tap the chat button (bottom right of this page) or email - we'll be happy to solve any issues or questions.

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