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Pyramid Account

1. Make sure Pyramid is online.

The most common reason that sign in may fail on the first-time setup, is if you are signing in before Pyramid has connected to the internet. To check this visit a website, such as google.com, when connected to Pyramid. If offline, close and re-open the Pyramid app or revisit pyramidsetup.com ( to get online.

2. Check connected in WiFi Settings

Visit WiFi / Network Settings on your device to make sure that your device has not switched network back to your home router. If it has, tap to connect to Pyramid and refresh pyramidsetup.com or re-open the app to sign in.

3. Reload Pyramid Setup

Revisit by entering it in the URL bar of your browser (e.g Chrome or Safari) or if you are using the Pyramid app, close and re-open the app to force it to refresh.

Forgot password?

If you've forgotten the password - either the WiFi Password (if set to something other than the default OnlineFreedom1), the admin password or your account password - then you can find all the details on how to reset here.

Still having issues?

Pop us a message by tapping on the chat button or sending as an email at help@pyramidwifi.com and our team will be happy to fix it for you!

Still have an issue?
Pop us an email to help@pyramidwifi.com or tap the message button on the bottom right of this page to get in touch.

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