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Why I can't see my WiFi Network in the dropdown?

If your SSID network name is not appearing in Pair Pyramid to WiFi.

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If your SSID network name is not showing under "Pair Pyramid to WiFi", the issue is most likely to do with router wireless channel or bands.

Changing wireless channel or bands can get a bit complicated. We suggest you contact Pyramid support for advice and guidance.

The process off changing wireless channel or bands varies depending on the Internet Service Providers (IPS), we suggest you Google search: "Change {insert router i.e BT} wireless channel" or "Change {insert router i.e BT} wireless bands" and follow the steps.

  1. Pyramid supports up to channel 12, make sure broadband router wireless channel is set to 12.

  2. Make sure the router is set to 2.4GHz, not 5GHz.

Alternately, you have the ability to manually join a network.

  1. Stroll to the bottom and select Other

  2. SSID: Enter your network name, exactly as it shows on other devices, watch out for capitals and spaces.

  3. WiFi Security: Ensure WiFi Security is set to WPA2-PSK

  4. Password: Enter the router password

  5. Click on Join

If you have any other questions, please drop us a message on our chat service or email

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