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How do I stop ‘VPN / proxy detected’ error?
How do I stop ‘VPN / proxy detected’ error?

Streaming service recognising you're connected to a VPN?

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If you are experiencing a VPN Error or 'Proxy Error' on a streaming service or website, there a few tips on how to fix this.

Firstly, for streaming services we have Stream Optimised servers for many major streaming services:

  • In the UK, try switching to a different server or city (you can choose United Kingdom, Maidenhead, Manchester or London).

  • In the US, we also have TV & Movies servers and streaming services.

Still having issues?

  1. If you have tried a couple of servers but are still seeing the issue, you can select Classic Servers from the bottom of the list of server regions to see if this overcomes the issue.

  2. If using a browser, such as Chrome or Safari, you can clear your cache (learn how)

  3. Close the streaming app (see how for iPhone / Android)

  4. Restart your device

  5. If on mobile, try disabling 4G or Location Services in case your device is sharing your physical location.

If you have any other questions, please drop us a message on our chat service or email

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