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What are the "Meet the Media" opportunities that I see?

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Any time you conduct a search within our Opportunities Feed, you’ll now see Connection Opportunities. These cards will display in your feed with the title “Meet the Media”. These opportunities will showcase Media users on Qwoted who write about the subject / term you searched for, and have submitted Requests in Qwoted on that subject in the past.

When you select Start a conversation, you will see all of the publications and former Requests/Opportunities that the Media user has submitted in Qwoted. You will also see that you have the option to Follow the Media user, or Start a conversation to introduce yourself and send them a message.

If you opt to Start a conversation you will have the option to select the Expert/Source you would like to introduce, enter in a subject line, and write a message. Select Submit to send the message to the Media user via Qwoted. (For Free users of Qwoted, this will not use one of your monthly pitch credits.)

Note: This is a way to introduce yourself to Media users that are writing about topics that are relevant to you or your clients / thought leaders. Keep in mind they may not be working on a relevant story at the moment of your outreach, so you can always invite them to Favorite or Save your profile for future stories that they may need help on.

Keep in mind, if you pitch irrelevant content to any of our Media users, it could cause your account to be flagged, disabled by the Qwoted system, and potentially removed from the network.

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