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Video Reviews: Overview and Set Up
Video Reviews: Overview and Set Up
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What is a video review?

A video review is a short video of a vendor or buyer describing their experience with a particular agent during a property transaction. The vendor or buyer should talk about the character and skills the agent displayed in the lead up, during and possibly after the transaction has occurred.

Video reviews are added along with your written RMA reviews, they add more authenticity and personality!

Here are some real live video reviews on RateMyAgent right now!

Requirements for video reviews:

  • A video review must be posted alongside a written review. You cannot post a video review as the only review from a client. 

  • You must have Starter subscription or above

  • You must have gained permission from their client that the video can be published on RMA and anywhere else the video may be shared to (eg Social Media)


Adding a video review

All video reviews must come from Youtube.

Here are RMA, we are not experts at YouTube. If you need further help, please reach out to YouTube Help Centre.

How to add a video review in your dashboard

  1.               Get the video link from YouTube:

Before we jump into dashboard we need the Youtube video link.
Find the video you want to add from Youtube and click on the Share button.

This little widget will open up and you’ll see a Youtube link.
Copy it using the blue copy button.

2.  Find the corresponding written review from the same buyer/vendor on your RMA dashboard

Once you have found the written review, you have the option to add a video review!

3. Add the video from YouTube

Paste the link we copied earlier into the video field.
Click on Save to add the video and the modal will close.

4. Your video review has been uploaded

Your video should now appear in a box like this.
You can watch the video, remove it or change it to a different video as well.

5. Removing or changing the video

Click on the edit button on the bottom left corner.
2 options will appear to remove or change the video.


How your video reviews will display on your profile

Video reviews will appear under the profile for each agent.
The video’s hero image will replace the property image or sold selfie (if used).


What you will see if you click into the video review

Clicking on the review tile (see previous slide) will open a popup.
The popup contains the video as well the written review and details of the property being reviewed.


What you will see on the reviews page

Video reviews will also appear on the reviews page below the written review.
If a sold selfie has been added the video will be displayed first.

Need more help? Contact Customer Support by using the chat feature in the bottom right corner or email us at 

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