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Everything you need to know about the AOYA for the USA!

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You can find all the answers to commonly asked questions below!

  • When are the awards?

More details coming soon!

  • What are the key dates leading up to and after the awards night?

To be considered for the Agent of the Year Awards, agents must activate their RateMyAgent profile and request verified reviews now. All reviews for consideration need to be received by 11.59 pm PST on the 3rd of January 2024 for property transactions in 2023. More details on the event coming soon!

  • What does it mean to win an Agent of the Year Award?

To win an Agent of the Year Award, means you deliver excellence. We want to celebrate you for your excellent client reviews, showing your focus on the client experience and the quality of your customer service. It also gives you extra credibility that you can then share within the industry and with potential clients. Who doesn't want to say they are Agent of the Year?!

Launched in the US in 2021, this awards event is the first industry-wide, brokerage agnostic celebration honoring the agents who are committed to customer satisfaction and delivering remarkable client experiences. This program, over the last 7 years, has become the Oscars of the real estate industry in RateMyAgent’s native country, Australia.

  • What do I win for the Agent of the Year Awards?

All winners will receive a suite of Digital Marketing Assets that they can use to promote their Agent of the Year Award win across their network. They will also be featured as a 2023 award winner in RateMyAgent’s marketing efforts and receive a stunning obelisk trophy along with a nice gift.

  • Can my team win an Agent of the Year Award?

We’re just getting started and for the 2023 awards, we’ll be considering each individual agent separately — even if they’re part of a rockstar team like yours. We hope that starting next year, we’ll be offering a different setup for teams.

We hope this doesn’t discourage you or your teammates. If anything, it gives each individual agent and team member a chance to build up their own repository of reviews (and the SEO that goes with them). Plus, if you’re really a powerhouse… you and your team could work to claim more than one spot in your statewide rankings!

Agents who represent themselves as a team or as two people on an individual agent profile unfortunately will not be eligible.

  • What is a RateMyAgent verified review?

A RateMyAgent verified review is tied directly to the transaction and verified by the buyer or seller. When you claim your free RateMyAgent profile, you can request new and upload existing reviews from the buyer or seller easily. You can also link reviews you have sitting on other platforms (like Zillow, RealSatisfied, Google, and Realtor) to the transaction on your RateMyAgent profile, creating a verified review.

Across the web, “verified” reviews are the new standard. It’s an easy way to ward off fake reviews, and it has the benefit of empowering customers through radical transparency. Read this Inman article to gain more insight: Are agent reviews even relevant today?

  • What do I do if I already have existing reviews elsewhere?

It is easy to move over existing reviews to your RateMyAgent profile. You can import the reviews to your profile by following the guide here.

  • My profile is missing some listings - how do I get them on there?

If you’ve claimed your profile and it looks like some of your recent or past sales are missing, don’t worry, it’s easy to fix.

Because all reviews on RateMyAgent are linked to property transactions, your RateMyAgent profile looks its best when it includes all of your properties, that way you can get reviews for all your sales and make sure sellers and buyers are seeing a solid history of your experience when they find you.

Find out how to add a listing here.

  • What categories are there in the awards?

We will recognize a winner on a city, county, state, regional (details below) and national levels.

  • Am I eligible to win an award?

You are eligible to win an award if you have activated your profile and started collecting verified reviews on RateMyAgent. The metrics within each award category will consider agents with at least 5 transactions, each with at least one positive verified review attached to them within 2023. Your effort, captured in a RateMyAgent verified review, which is tied directly to the transaction for authenticity, is your entry ticket. No fees, no lengthy application process, no nominations.

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