Easy Reviews

Stay in control with our 48 delay when setting your review requests to auto-pilot.

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We're excited to bring you Easy Reviews 🎉

After you connect your TMS, we will automate seller and buyer review requests for you. Stay in control by setting yourself to the 48-hour delayed option (this is the default).

We will not use your client data for purposes other than to send out your review requests.

Speak with our support team (hit the messenger icon on the lower right of your screen) if you have any questions or need any help with the setup.

You can choose whether you would like to send your requests Immediately or whether you would like a 48-hour delay.

The 48-hour delay option includes a notification before each request is sent, with the option to customize or cancel the request.

You can also create and save your own template, try to make this a generic (but still personable!) template as it will go out to everyone. These templates are set at the agent level, not the Team or Office.

Want more details? Here's the nitty-gritty:

Things to note:

  • This feature is currently available to Realty ONE Group agents, without needing to connect individual SkySlope accounts

  • This feature is currently available with Brokermint, DocuSign (eSign), DocuSign Transaction Rooms, Dotloop & SkySlope

  • This feature is available for seller and buyer reviews

How does this work?

  1. You will enter the following details into TMS
    1.1. Seller/Buyer full name: how this is entered is how this will appear on the review request
    1.2. Seller/Buyer email

    1.3. Seller/Buyer cell

  2. RMA will receive buyer/seller details via the TMS integrations

  3. RMA will send Review Request once the property has been marked as sold (via TMS)

  4. If RMA has not received seller/buyer details, a request will not be sent

  5. If a Review Request has already been sent manually, we will not send another request

  6. Review Request flow (e.g Reminders) is unchanged

  7. Once the review is completed by the seller, it will be live on RateMyAgent. This is true of a recommended and not-recommended review

Have a question? Email us at help@ratemyagent.com 🤩

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