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Adding or removing an agent from your profile
Adding or removing an agent from your profile

Someone from your team with Admin Access to your office profile has the power to update your team as needed

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To make sure that your office is represented accurately on RateMyAgent, it is important that your team is completely up to date. An admin user can add and remove team members with only a few clicks.

To Add an Agent:

Step 1: Log into your Office Dashboard, then select Account from the left-hand menu and then select Team. From here simply click +Add to search for your agents.

Step 2: A popup will launch, simply begin to type the name of the agent you would like to add. Select the agent from the generated list and then Confirm

If you are unable to locate your agent please see below.

If the agent you're looking for does not show up in your search, drop our Support team a line. We can create the profile on the agent's behalf. They will then need to claim to get started.

Make sure to include the following:

  • The agent's name

  • The agent's contact number

  • The agent's email address

  • The office you want to add them to

Click here for a guide on claiming a profile.

To Remove an Agent:

Step 1: Head to the Team page within the Office dashboard

Step 2: Find the agent you wish to remove, click the three little dots and then click Remove.

Step 3: Confirm you would like to remove the agent

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